Who we are, and what we do.

Modular model railroading allows you the opportunity to build and own a small part of a larger layout, called a module. When combined with other member's modules you help create a much larger, complete model railroad, limited only by the space to contain it!

Members are encouraged to build sectional parts of a layout, known as modules, according to the club standards, which are based on the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) Module Standards(external link). Often these are straight sections, usually between 4 and 8 feet long. In addition to the member owned modules, the club owns corner modules and various yard areas. At train shows, meets, and other events, we assemble these modules into a single layout (Example or see some photos in the Gallery).

By building your own module you learn bench work (the carpentry needed to build the frame), track laying techniques, realistic scenery creation skills, how to plan and build structures, kit building, "kit-bashing", and more.

Members display a range of skills and interests within the hobby. Some members recreate the glory days of steam powered railroading, while others model modern railroads with the latest high-powered diesel locomotives pulling long strings of intermodal cars. All members share a love for the hobby and a desire to exchange ideas and tips with others. Some members are excellent at creating scenery, others the building and detailing of buildings, or installing DCC decoders, or painting detailing the cars and locomotives.

Club Officers

As of March, 2020, the current NGM Board of Directors is comprised of the following officers:

: Bruce Bliss
: Jamison Amis
: Mike Tarrant
Directors: Ricki Weaver, Jon Dassler, Caleb Samples and Yarnell Cornwell


Membership in NGM is open to all interested model railroaders by application(external link) and upon full payment of annual dues. New members are approved by the Board of Directors. Refer to the club by-laws(external link) for more details on membership, dues and responsibilities.

Want to know more?

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